Domibus Send Data (DSD) ES v1

Version 1.24
January, 2021


The Domibus Send Data System is organized around REST. Domibus SDS uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses HTTP POST requests. We support cross-origin resource sharing, allowing you to recieve data securely with our SDS from a client-side web application (though you should never expose your secret API key in any public website's client-side code). JSON is sent by all our requests.

This section of the documentation is geared towards developers.

REST Request - how to send a request including the domains, paths, and HTTP Method conventions we use. Also includes how to authenticate yourself.

REST Response - we have a standard response wrapped, which is detailed here. We also talk about HTTP status codes and how we return error messages.


Using SSL

All requests should be called over SSL. You must use SSL when working with non-public data such as customer accounts and private information. Make sure your client/server technology supports SSL.

Data Types

Array Inputs

JSON Payloads Data is returned using JSON (Javascript Object Notation). JSON is the only format we support. It's a lightweight serialization language that is compatible with many different programming languages and technologies. JSON is syntactically correct JavaScript code, meaning you can use the Javascript eval() function to parse it.

HTTP Methods

All requests will be sent via HTTP POST, since we will be sending/creating one or more resources. However, some operation require other HTTP methods:

HTTP Method Description
GET Reads resources via URL, often with query string criteria
POST Create a new resource.
PATCH Updates an existing resource.


Your Partner Token is provided by Domibus. Token API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep them secret! Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such GitHub, client-side code, and so forth.

Authentication to your API/Webhook is performed via HTTP Shared User Token.

Each POST request needs to contain information that identifies you as the client and the agent/office.

The following variables will be included in all POST calls:

  • Authorization: Bearer which is the Partner Token sent in the header. (using the parameter Authorization: Bearer TOKEN)
  • agent_id which is sent as a POST variable. (Given by you in order to identify the user/agent sending real estate information)
  • agent_token which is sent as a POST variable. (Given by you in order to identify the user/agent sending real estate information)

POST Request parameters V.1 (literal)

Parameter Value Description
agent_id String The identifier of the user sending data.
agent_token String The token identifier of the user sending data.
reference Int The reference of the property.
prospect Bool Is it a prospect?
operacion_type String The type of operation being offered.
('venta', 'alquiler')
price Int The price of the property.
property_type String The type of property being offered.
('Loft','Estudio','Apartamento','Piso','Atico','Bajo','Buhardilla','Planta baja','Vivienda',
'Chalet','Chalet adosado','Chalet pareado',
'Casa','Casa de pueblo','Casa o chalet independiente','Casa adosada','Casa rural','Casa terrera','Caseron','Cortijo','Masia','Finca rustica',
'Oficina','Local','Local o nave','Almacén','Nave','Nave industrial',
provence String The provence where the property is located.
locality String The locality where the property is located.
street String The street where the property is located.
street_number String The street number where the property is located.
lat Float The lattude where the property is located.
lng Float The longitude where the property is located.
bedroom Int The number of rooms on the property.
wc Int The number of bathrooms on the property.
m2 Int The area of the property.
m2_terrain Int The area of the terrain of property.
origin String The origin website of the property.
url String The url of the property.
description String The description of the property.
features String List The list of features on the property.
building String List The list of building features on the property.
equipment String List The list of equipment features on the property.
urban_sit String The urban situation of the property/terrain.
status String The prospect status of the property.
Values ES:
('Pendiente,'Contactado','Captado','No Contactar','No Disponible')
first_name String The prospect first name of the property.
last_name String The prospect last name of the property.
phone String The prospect phone of the property.
phone_alt String The prospect phone alternative of the property.
email String The prospect email of the property.
observations String The prospect observations of the property.